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thats all the reasons why you keep your pants up in 1 gif

This is my favorite thing on the internet


This needed to be said.



Check out a new Down to Nothing song, “Sheffield”, from their forthcoming full-length, “Life on the James”. 

"And then I felt sad because I realized that once people are broken in certain ways, they can’t ever be fixed, and this is something nobody ever tells you when you are young and it never fails to surprise you as you grow older as you see the people in your life break one by one. You wonder when your turn is going to be, or if it’s already happened."

- Douglas Coupland  (via wailun-deardaydream)

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Women dressed as mermaids in Disneyland 1960.

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Miss this show

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xNATEx: Don’t tell me you love me just tell me you will not leave cause...


Don’t tell me you love me
just tell me you will not leave
cause tonight is one of those nights when I’m only interested in one fucking thing.
I got a lot of dependency issues. And needless to say I hate to be alone. You may not be important to me tomorrow but right now you’re all that I…